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You're probably here

because you have

a problem dog.


H.A.P.P.I.E.R. Homes 

Human And Pet Problem Intervention, Education, Rehabilitation


"There is no umbrella method to dog training. No two dogs are exactly alike in terms of

behavior, motivation, environment, family dynamics, and coping skills. That's why training

should be approached with each dog's unique needs in mind." - Lestre Zapanta 


In Lestre Zapanta's program, there are two kinds of students - the dog owner and the dog. It is not the typical sit-and-stay type of training where the dog only learns obedience commands inside a classroom. Neither is it a "leave your dog with the trainer, then get him back after a month" type of program. Lestre has had dog students before that were already formally trained in basic, even in advance obedience, but still continued to misbehave. It is because dog behaviors are more complex than just "sit" and "stay". 


Lestre recognizes that dog owners play a big part in the entire training process. Here, he teaches them behavior control techniques which can help them to react accordingly in any given situation and consequently stop a bad behavior from escalating. That way, they will know how to apply the techniques and skills in real life.


Designed to assist dog owners in addressing their pets' unwanted behaviors, the H.A.P.P.I.E.R. Homes video consultation consists of:


  1. one (1) hour online private session

  2. dog behavior assessment

  3. dog training principles

  4. dog behavior control techniques

  5. customized based on your dog's behavior problems


Experience first-class and masterful dog training under the guidance of the Philippines' top dog behavior expert, Lestre Zapanta!


 Check out the available video consultation schedules below.