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H.A.P.P.I.E.R. Homes 

Human And Pet Problem Intervention, Education, Rehabilitation


"There is no umbrella method to dog training. No two dogs are exactly alike in terms of

behavior, motivation, environment, family dynamics, and coping skills. That's why training

should be approached with each dog's unique needs in mind." - Lestre Zapanta 


Whether you own a purebred dog or an Aspin, Lestre Zapanta can help you foster a harmonious and balanced relationship with your beloved K9 kids. Experience first-class and masterful dog training under the guidance of the Philippines' top dog behavior expert, Lestre Zapanta!


For those seeking a face-to-face training experience, Lestre offers dog behavior training at his very own pet paradise called Hacienda Ni Tatang. This serene and conducive environment provides an ideal setting for an immersive training experience while surrounded by the tranquility and beauty of nature.

The 3-hour training program will be meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual dog. Any breed or type of dog may have specific behavioral challenges and Lestre has the knowledge and expertise to address them effectively. From common issues like aggression, separation anxiety, and leash pulling, to teaching basic obedience commands and socialization skills, he provides practical solutions to transform your dog's behavior positively.



Lestre also holds puppy classes and supervised playdates. Here in Woofcamp, your pets will learn how to walk with the pack, how to play, and how to behave around other people and animals. This is perfect for puppies ages 4 to 12 months old. Dog owners who want to learn the foundations of raising a well-behaved canine citizen will benefit from this type of socialization and exposure training.


Lestre recognizes that geographical limitations can sometimes hinder access to professional dog training services. That's why he offers convenient online consultation sessions. Through video conferencing, he can assess your dog's behavior, provide expert guidance, and offer effective training strategies, all from the comfort of your own home. His online consultations are designed to bridge the gap and bring professional dog training services directly to you whether you are here or abroad.

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