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Ilagay ang iyong Mobile Number, pinaka-malapit na LBC branch sa iyong lugar, at item quantity.


Basahin ang mga impormasyon bago i-click ang Add to Cart button.


training leash for dogs up to 60lbs.


Gabay is a fantastic tool for dog owners. It's slip-on and requires minimal effort when putting it on your dogs. AND the best part is it also comes with a FREE video tutorial by Lestre Zapanta, The Pinoy Dog Whisperer, about dog behavior training techniques! Let GABAY guide you in guiding your dogs towards good behaviors. 

GABAY - Ruby Red

  • The FREE video tutorial comes with every purchase of Gabay. It covers dog walking basics and tips on how to use Gabay effectively to control and correct your dog's bad behaviors during your walks. It will be sent to your email upon confirmation of payment.

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