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The Philippines'

Top Dog Behavior Expert

Described by Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan as "First-class" and "Masterful" in Cesar's Recruit Asia Season 2, National Geographic Channel

Lestre Zapanta is called by many as "THE Pinoy Dog Whisperer". He is a dog behavior expert with 15 years of experience analyzing canine behavior. He has observed stray dogs in the province where he grew up and concludes that they're more sound, stable, and secure than most pampered house dogs, who are caged all day long by the four walls of their homes. He believes that the lack exercise and socialization is why pets develop bad behaviors.

An expert on reading canine signals and behaviors, he says, "the good thing about studying canine body language is that you become aware of the meaning of every slight change in your dog's behavior. Most people think that the only indication that a dog will bite is if it barks or growl. This is a huge misconception. There are, in fact, other predictive gestures that may occur prior to a bite and they always go unnoticed by an untrained eye. Furthermore, the main problem in human-dog relationships is the language barrier. Before dog owners can hope for obedience, they should understand first what is going through the mind of the dog."

His methods are different from the ones used in traditional sit-and-stay type of training. That's why a lot of people seek his help because they know his training sessions are what they really need to change their dog's bad behaviors. To further acquaint you with his amazing work with dogs, check out and

His goals are to offer a new perspective about dogs, to redefine the meaning of responsible dog ownership, and to help dogs owners to successfully control and correct their dog's bad behaviors. If you own a problem dog, you can book a session with Lestre Zapanta here.

Toni Esguerra with Churro and Toffee, the Chow Chows

You guys ask me, “why are your chow chows so obedient?” [...] 


 Churro and Toffee would literally drag me when we go out for a walk
 I rarely take them out cause I feel like they’re gonna get dirty and get tick bites
 They don’t listen to me when we’re out


✅ They always look at me (its like hey mama, “what do I do?”) haha
 They don’t drag me anymore
 I can make them sit and stay with people or other dogs around
 I always walk my boys


Where did I learn all this? From The Pinoy Dog Whisperer. Believe me he really is a dog whisperer! 

Jan Kheven and Kyle, the Siberian Husky

"Thank you po sa gabay leash. Mas madali at mas may disiplina na sya sa walk. The best po gamitin pang pack walk namin and pang training session."

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