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Max File Size 15MB
Max File Size 15MB

By clicking SUBMIT, I understand and agree to the terms and conditions below:

1)  Dog talents must be current on vaccines to be allowed to participate. Dog owner alone assumes the responsibility of any exposure to infectious canine diseases.

2)  Dog talents must be free from any kind of health problem, illness or injury, and have not been advised by a qualified medical professional to not participate. 

3)  Dog talents must not have any aggressive tendencies toward other animals and people. 

4) Dog owners assume all responsibility, liability, and costs arising out of or related to any loss or damage to property, injury to their dog/s, and injury to other animals and other people caused by their dogs.

5)  Dog owners must accompany their dog/s at all times during the rehearsals and shoots. 

6)  Dog owners must keep all information about the project CONFIDENTIAL including talent fees, details about the workshops, locations, and any other information related to the project. NO PHOTO AND VIDEO DOCUMENTATION ARE ALLOWED. 

7)  At this point, dog owners are submitting their dog's application for approval by the production team. Dog owners agree that this submission does not immediately guarantee acceptance. Once the selection process is over, the chosen dog talent/s will be contacted.  

Max File Size 15MB
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